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Studying the effect of surface conditioning on the corrosion performance of titanium dental implants

The EDS spectra, shows that the roughened surface was contaminated with aluminium oxide, the machined sample was purely titanium. (11/05/2020)

Immediate replacement of failed dental implants owing to periimplantitis

Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) showed the presence of residue of inorganic materials on the implant surface, mainly iron and chrome. (07/05/2020)

Long-term clinical outcome of implants with different surface modifications.

Sandblasted implants are more likely to fail compared to anodized and acid-treated implants. Remember that sandblasted implants has aluminum/ alumina. (06/05/2020)

Characterization of titanium surfaces for dental implants with inorganic contaminant

Characterizing the titanium surface is essential in the evaluation of the material manufacturing process because the presence of aluminum particles may have serious effects on the formation of the osseous tissue. (04/05/2020)

The issue of corrosion in dental implants: A review

The issue of corrosion is not limited to a local problem because the particles produced as a result could migrate to distant sites, whose evolution would require further studies. (03/05/2020)

Preventing aluminium oxide contamination of dental implant surfaces

A study carried out by Dr Peter Schupbach, observed that aluminium oxide contaminants were spread on the surfaces of most commonly used implant systems. (03/05/2020)

Metal Concentrations in the Serum and Hair of Patients With Titanium Alloy Spinal Implants

One third of patients with titanium alloy implants exhibited abnormal serum or hair metal concentrations after the surgery. Aluminum may travel to distant organs after dissolution of metals from the implants. (21/04/2020)

Elemental analysis of commercial zirconia dental implants - Is “metal-free” devoid of metals?

All investigated samples contained impurities with Hf and contamination with alkali and alkali earth elements (Na, K, Mg, Ca), essential trace elements (Fe, Cu, Zn) but also potentially noxious metal elements (Ni, Cr). (16/04/2020)

Residual Contaminations of Silicon-Based Glass, Alumina and Aluminum Grits on a Titanium Surface After Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a commonly used surface treatment method for roughening the surface of titanium dental implants. Today, Al2O3 grits are widely used for this purpose, however it also introduces impurities to the surface. (08/04/2020)