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Al2O3 Particles on Titanium Dental Implant Systems following Sandblasting and Acid-Etching Process

Bone Level (BL) Roxolid SLActive implant surfaces showed the highest Aluminum particle counts, 46.6 and 50.3 per area. (02/11/2019)

Quantitative in vitro comparison of the thrombogenicity of commercial dental implants

Dental implants with comparable roughness but differing surface chemistry had differing extents of blood contact activation which could have implications for osseointegration. (02/11/2019)

Titanium as a modifier of the peri-implant microbiome structure.

These findings suggest an association between titanium dissolution products and peri-implantitis and support a role for these products in modifying the peri-implant microbiome structure and diversity. (03/10/2019)

Registry-Based Prospective, Active Surveillance of Medical-Device Safety

A strategy of prospective, active surveillance of a clinical registry rapidly identified potential safety signals among recipients of an implantable device, with initial alerts occurring within the first 12 months of monitoring. (26/09/2019)

Post market surveillance in the german medical device sector - current state and future perspectives.

Results may well contribute to the development of device monitoring which is a crucial element of the policy and regulatory system to identify device-related safety issues. (26/09/2019)

Titanium allergy: could it affect dental implant integration

This review of the literature indicates that titanium can induce hypersensitivity in susceptible patients and could play a critical role in implant failure. (17/09/2019)

On the Cleanliness of Different Oral Implant Systems: A Pilot Study

Multiple organic particles and remnants of PTFE (Cumdente), organic particles containing sulfur, particles containing iron (Bioconcept) or impurities with aluminum (Biodenta). (17/09/2019)

Titanium and its alloys in dental implantology

Since Titanium is a transition metal, allergy or metal hypersensitivity may be a matter of concern. (16/09/2019)

FDA to launch scientific review of implant biocompatibility, following patient reactions to certain materials

Symptoms have not been reported with most materials, including most metals - however, some patients with a history of pre-existing allergies have developed skin lesions while using certain devices (05/09/2019)