Artigos científicos

Nessa lista, separamos alguns artigos científicos relacionados a nossa temática. Boa Leitura.

Metal hypersensitivity and pro-inflammatory cytokine production in patients with failed orthopedic implants: A case-control study

In 40% of patients, implant failure is due to hypersensitivity to the contained metal. Metal hypersensitivity tests should be performed on patients prior to surgery (24/01/2023)

Aluminium oxide nanoparticles induced morphological changes, cytotoxicity and oxidative stress in Chinook salmon (CHSE-214) cells

Aluminium oxide nanoparticles (Al2 O3 NPs) are increasingly used in diverse applications that has raised concern about their safety. (10/01/2023)

Evaluation of Nephrotoxicity in Oreochromis niloticus After Exposure to Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles: Exposure and Recovery Study

Blood levels of creatinine and uric acid showed marked increases after seven days of exposure to aluminum oxide. (07/12/2022)

Blood Aluminum Levels in Patients with Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis

The cardiothoracic ratio was higher in patients with abnormal blood aluminum levels than patients with normal blood aluminum levels (p = 0.003). (30/11/2022)

Molecular Mechanism of Aluminum-Induced Oxidative Damage and Apoptosis in Rat Cardiomyocytes

The experimental results showed that aluminum could accumulate in myocardial tissues and cause damage to cardiomyocytes. (01/11/2022)

Genotoxicity of aluminium oxide, iron oxide, and copper nanoparticles in mouse bone marrow cells

Our findings add to the health risk information of Al2O3 nanoparticles regarding human exposure. Nossas descobertas adicionam informações de risco à saúde das nanopartículas de Al2O3 em relação à exposição humana. (18/10/2022)

Acute Toxic and Genotoxic Effects of Aluminum and Manganese Using In Vitro Models

The genotoxic effects of the highest concentrations of Aluminum in cell lines showed nuclear buds, micronuclei, and DNA damage. In addition, it caused genomic instability in cell lines. (27/09/2022)

Impurities in commercial titanium dental implants– A mass and optical emission spectrometryelemental analysis

Although all investigated Ti dental implants conform to the respective standards and manufacturer´s specifications, all contain traceable contamination with several metal elements. (06/09/2022)

Aluminum impairs cognitive function by activating DDX3X-NLRP3-mediated pyroptosis signaling pathway

Aluminum is a kind of chemical contaminants in food which can induce neurotoxicity. Aluminum exposure is closely related to neurodegenerative diseases (ND), in which neuroinflammation might involve. (23/08/2022)