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Alteration of Biomolecular Conformation by Aluminum-Implications for Protein Misfolding Disease

The element aluminum possesses a number of unique properties that make this highly neurotoxic species rious towards the structural integrity, conformation, reactivity and stability of several important biomolecules. (04/05/2023)

Examining the role of nickel and NiTi nanoparticles promoting inflammation and angiogenesis

The results here demonstrated that nickel and NiTi can enter both types of cells, with rious consequences. (04/04/2023)

Assessing the Cleanliness of Dental Implants Using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Analysis - A SEM and EDS In Vitro Study

Most of the implants studied were contaminated. Particle distribution patterns vary with the manufacturer. The wider and outer areas of the implant have a higher probability of contamination. (28/03/2023)

Titanium Allergy in Dentistry: A New Allergen in Rapidly Evolving Implant Dentistry

Very few case reports related with titanium-based hypersensitivity reactions with dental implants proved the existence of titanium allergy. (21/03/2023)

Suspected association of an allergic reaction with titanium dental implants: A clinical report

Recent reports have questioned whether metal sensitivity may occur after exposure to titanium. (14/03/2023)

Teratogenicity of 30 nm Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles (Al2O3NPs) in Rats by Gavage

The teratogenic effects of Aluminum oxide nanoparticles (Al2O3NPs) in rats were comparable to those of the bulk Al2O3 of same doses (200 mg/kg). (07/03/2023)

Nanoplastics are bioaccumulated in fish liver and muscle and cause DNA damage after a chronic exposure

Oven a relatively low concentration of nanoplastics was able to cause DNA damage, as measured by an increase in erythrocyte nuclear abnormalities, suggesting that it can reach the cell nucleus and cause genotoxicity. (28/02/2023)

Rare Metallic Allergy Reaction Presentation to Cholecystectomy Surgical Clip

After agallbladder surgery, a man experienced constant abdominal pain in addition to nausea. The clips were made of nickel and titanium, and a metal sensitivity test confirmed that he was sensitive to nickel. (07/02/2023)

Metal hypersensitivity and pro-inflammatory cytokine production in patients with failed orthopedic implants: A case-control study

In 40% of patients, implant failure is due to hypersensitivity to the contained metal. Metal hypersensitivity tests should be performed on patients prior to surgery (24/01/2023)