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A Review of Metal Exposure and Its Effects on Bone Health.

Other metals, such as cadmium, arsenic, mercury, chromium and aluminum are toxic to bone cells, even at low concentrations. (28/02/2020)

Aluminum and aluminum oxide nanomaterials uptake after oral exposure - a comparative study

After 3 days of exposure, the animals treated with AlCl3 6H2O showed high levels of Al in the liver and intestine. Aluminum was detected in all investigated organs with particularly high concentrations in the spleen. (28/02/2020)


The implication of the comparisons outlined here is that health effects associated with oral exposure to aluminium in general, and the neurological (AD) health endpoint in particular, deserve the greatest scrutiny. (21/02/2020)

Systematic review of potential health risks posed by pharmaceutical, occupational and consumer exposures to metallic and nanoscale aluminum, aluminum oxides, aluminum hydroxide and its soluble salts

The scientific literature on the adverse health effects of Al is extensive. Health risk assessments for Al must take into account individual co-factors (e.g., age, renal function, diet, gastric pH). (21/02/2020)

Aluminum toxicity to bone: A multisystem effect?

Awareness of this long-standing problem should allow physicians to choose pharmaceutical products with lower quantities of Al listed on the label as long as this practice is mandated by national drug regulatory agencies. (21/02/2020)

Concerns About Immune Responses to Metal in Medical Devices

O FDA ouviu preocupações levantadas por pacientes e outros usuários de dispositivos, e recebemos relatórios de eventos adversos que observam respostas biológicas a certos metais usados em dispositivos médicos. (12/02/2020)

Effect of Sunscreen Application on Plasma Concentration of Sunscreen Active Ingredients: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Read this article and think: if the skin absorbs the products, imagine the implant with aluminum that is placed in the bone. (23/01/2020)

Anodization as a promising surface treatment for drug delivery implants and a non-cytotoxic process for surface alteration: a pilot study.

The implants treated with acid attack and blasting were found different chemical elements like aluminum and magnesium. (21/01/2020)

In vitro study of percutaneous absorption of aluminum from antiperspirants through human skin in the Franz™ diffusion cell.

High transdermal Aluminum uptake on stripped skin should compel antiperspirant manufacturers to proceed with the utmost caution. (12/12/2019)